Helping Mothers

Recently, I put together a series of bible study lessons to help some of the young moms at our church. I have observed them going through a challenging season of life where they are juggling the roles of being wives, mothers, homemakers, income-earners, and women of God. I believe moms are amazing, but they still need all the help they can get, to do all the things they are called to do.

I have been a pastor for the past eleven years, and before that I was a teacher. I have had several parent-teacher conferences, counseling with families and as a mother and wife myself, I understand the struggles families go through. I, myself, have had the same challenges in relationships with my children and husband, and trying to find the balance of work, responsibilities at the church, and family time.

I started praying for guidance from the Holy Spirit on how to lead this bible study for women. I went back to the times of my struggles and pain, when I was looking for help and for answers. I went through my journals, books and bible lesson plans.  In my searching for answers, I found a way to point my fellow moms towards a place where they could experience peace, a sense of security, and knowing that they are not alone.

At our church, we have always put a lot of energy and focus on the children and the children’s programs and activities. I have always believed a local church is only as strong as its children’s program. What the Holy Spirit was showing me, however, is that the moms needed some nurturing and care as well. It was time to invest in the place where change first happens: in our hearts and homes. Moms really are the foundation of the home. So the idea of the Women’s Bible Study came to fruition. It ended up being a blessing to grandmas and other women in different seasons of life as well.

I am excited to start a series of blogs covering all the topics of our lessons. Stay tuned!

I would like to end with a prayer: Father, I pray that all the women who come across these lessons find comfort, inspiration and guidance. Let there be faith, hope, and real joy in all the things these women need to be and accomplish for Your glory. I ask the Holy Spirit to be our ever- present teacher, leading us and guiding us to love as You, Father, have first loved us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Debbie Oliveira

Debbie Oliveira

Mother of two beautiful girls, Debbie works hand-in-hand with Daniel to pastor and care for Hale O Nā Kāula church.