My Goal As A Mother

“First things first!”- I love that phrase! It is so simple and it reminds me all the time of how important it is to prioritize my time and my focus. As a mom, wife, pastor, administrator, friend and neighbor I have very limited time and I need to use it wisely. Truly, I am not wise enough on my own, so the priority for me has to be: Meditate on the Lord, pray, spend time in His word and draw from the Father the wisdom, love, strength and joy I need to go about all of the roles I have as a woman.

Before attending to any of these other roles I have, I must be aware I am first a daughter of the King, I am loved by my Abba Father and I am a worshipper. If these things are not a priority, I will tend to self-focus, become bitter and not be able to be effective in executing all my other roles. This is especially important because so much depends on me. I am the pillar of my home.

“If mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” I have heard this so many times. Another classic: “Happy wife, happy life.”  But truly, I cannot expect my job, friends, husband or children to make me happy and fulfilled. It is a heavy burden to put on anyone the job of making me happy. I am convinced I am going to be as happy as I choose to be. I have to be responsible for my peace of mind and happiness. My highest calling is to be a follower of Christ, an ambassador of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20; Ephesians 2:10). When my priorities are set straight, everything else falls into place (Matthew 6:33).

The challenge now is to carve out time to be with God and find moments of solitude! Only I can control this. I have to ask myself: What works for me? How will I find these quiet moments? I encourage you to find your answers to these questions. Ask for help if you need to (more specific: ask who?) and make a commitment to spend time daily in prayer and with the Holy Spirit, who will guide you to the presence of the Father, through Jesus Christ, who opened the door to this relationship. Ask Him for help and guidance in every situation you face in your life. You will be amazed at how God will show you how to navigate, give you strength, wisdom and love that goes beyond your own abilities.

Debbie Oliveira

Debbie Oliveira

Mother of two beautiful girls, Debbie works hand-in-hand with Daniel to pastor and care for Hale O Nā Kāula church.